Fact:  An estimated 40% of people with autism are
non-speaking – 31 million people worldwide.

Yet only a small fraction of non-speakers have been taught
how to communicate.

Our Mission
To champion efforts to ensure communication is available to all non-speakers with autism.

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Meet Our Founder, Elizabeth Bonker

You may have seen Elizabeth’s Rollins College Valedictorian Commencement Address in the news or on social media when it went viral with over 4 billion impressions worldwide in May 2022.

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Communication and education are the keys to empowering non-speakers to live meaningful lives.

Elizabeth Bonker, C4A Founder & Executive Director

C4A grew out of the experiences of our executive director Elizabeth Bonker, who is affected by autism and types to communicate. A poet, lyricist, and co-author of I Am In Here, Elizabeth has been advocating for the rights of individuals with autism since the age of 13. Today, Elizabeth is graduating Valedictorian from Rollins College and being mentored by Disability Rights Advocate Judy Heumann.

Stories shape our world. Below see how Elizabeth is using diverse media—and the power of creative self-expression—to share her story, nurture awareness, and inspire action.

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At Communication 4 ALL, we seek nothing less than to ensure that all non-speaking students with autism have the freedom and support to use the communication of their choice in school. Your gift helps us build awareness, distribute much-needed resources, and spark action. Please consider a donation to C4A today.